Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey ,
Miss busy busy I have a whole buch of home work and classes . My teacher is awsome she is funny . I have gone to football and school. I have no ecxitment for shcool in the mornig . I loved going to fair it was so fun the ribbons are in my room. It is so cool to see the the detail in them . My fun freind is hilarious and she and I ran after 2 of my guy friends because they us the animal kid because he acts like a dog or dinosour mabey he' ll
be a cat or somthing tomorrow . Ha Ha . Well gatta go .




jenkinsfamliypost said...

i am glad to hear about your days at school.i miss you kid. maybe come over on sat with your mother.
i love you

The Knappy Crew said...

Hey Hannah- I love your postings. I wish I would have seen you more in the bank the other day. Maybe I'll see you Sat. at Jake's game. LYMI-Aunt La La

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mahina! You made my day by calling me. I was here all alone and pretty much missing it all and you called to tell me you loved me. Oh, you are precious beyond words. I'll have to come over and help you two with getting some music and books on your blogs. I love you Hannah and bless you that you thought of me today. You are more special than you'll ever know. Grandma Susie

Mahina said...